Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Yes, the majority of our training courses are conducted on-site, at the customer’s premises. All CNC machines have their own little differences so we feel training on your own machine provides the best type of training. We can provide ‘theory only’ training at our office in Warwickshire.
We provide CNC training throughout the UK. We also provide CNC training overseas (to any company with English speaking personnel).
We provide operator & programmer training on all Fanuc CNC controls, covering ISO ‘G’ code, FAPT & Manual Guide formats. We also provide Fanuc ‘macro’ training.
Yes, we provide operator & programmer training on all Heidenhain CNC controls using either ‘Heidenhain’ or ISO ‘G’ code programming formats.
We provide operator & programmer training on all Siemens CNC controls and formats (‘G’ code, ShopMill, ShopTurn etc.).
We can provide operator & programmer training courses on the earlier Mazatrol CNC controls, up to M32 and T32.
Yes, we provide all of the operator & programmer training in the UK for Fagor UK.
No, we cover most CNC controls (old & new). We regularly provide training courses for older CNC controls, such as Fanuc-6, Heidenhain TNC155, Fagor-800 etc, and less common controls such as Centroid, Mach 3 etc.
Training courses typically last for 1, 2 or 3 days. The actual duration of a training course depends on what you want to learn and the abilities of the trainees.
Pretty much. There are obviously some really old controls that we do not know but we can generally provide training for any machine or control.
No, we supply CNC programs for everything from simple turned components to complex 3D profiles. You are the customer so we do as much or as little as you want us to do.
This is totally up to the customer. We can come on-site, set up the machine and prove the program out or we can prove the program out in our office on our verification software and then e-mail you the program for you to prove out on your machine.