About us

GARDNER CNC was established in 1988 to meet the ever increasing needs of NC/CNC users within the U.K.

Originally set up to provide a sub-contract part-programming service aimed primarily at the smaller NC/CNC user, GARDNER CNC has been market-driven to extend it’s range of services in order to provide a total, single source to the ever more complex and sophisticated requirements of it’s customers.

This total solution now encompasses the following high quality services :-

1). NC/CNC Program-preparation and Prove-out.
2). Operator/Programmer Training Courses.
3). CAD/CAM/DNC Software.
4). Machine Procurement.
5). Capital Expenditure Justification.
6). Time and Capability Studies.
7). Tool and Fixture Design and Manufacture.

In conjunction with the extension to it’s range of services the company has also broadened it’s customer database to cover the complete spectrum of NC/CNC users, ranging from the smallest sub-contract machine shops to the largest ‘blue-chip’ companies.

This extensive range of services is backed up by almost 30 years experience in the application of NC/CNC technology, including work in the Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Defence, Food Processing, Material Handling, Offshore, Railway and Machine Tool industries.